Get Started

Application Process

Parents / Adult students may call to inquire about the Tutorials and an intake will be written, outlining the main concerns and goals for the student. Students must be average to above average intelligence.

An initial appointment to meet Mary Allaire will be made to discuss any evaluations that might be needed to plan the most effective motivational system and program to match the needs of the student.

During the appointment, scheduling and fees are discussed. Any other pressing questions are answered as best as possible. Any pertinent prior diagnostic reports are requested that would enhance the program design strategy.

If a learning evaluation is necessary, 2-3 hours are scheduled. The evaluation consists of tests and tasks to determine the student’s attention abilities, current academic levels, learning style, strengths and weaknesses and appropriateness of social interactions. Feedback on the results of the evaluation are given in the form of an oral report via phone. It is then up to the parent or adult student to follow up and sign a tutorial contract within a one week period.

Students are seen for 1-2 hours weekly. Usually the tutorials start soon after that, according to the contract signed by both the parent/adult and the specialist, Mary Allaire.

Your tutorial fees may be tax deductible. Ask your Dr. to write a letter stating that he recommends tutoring using the psycho-neurological approach for your child who has learning disabilities &/or ADHD, &/or/ Executive Functioning Difficulties. Inquire about this with your CPA.