What Is A Quality Education?

Similarly, What is meant by the quality of education?

A quality education is defined as one that is pedagogically and developmentally sound and prepares students to be engaged and productive members of society. A good education isn’t defined just by a test score or the number of words per minute a 5-year-old can read.

Also, it is asked, What makes quality education?

A good education is one that invests in the educational community—the full support system needed to keep the curriculum and instructional process running smoothly. This must include full-time, well-qualified instructors with opportunity for continued professional growth.

Secondly, Why is a quality education important?

Ensure that everyone has access to a high-quality education and encourage lifelong learning. Why is education so important? Education is a key to escape poverty and enabling upward social mobility. Education is essential for building tolerance and more peaceful society by reducing inequities and achieving gender equality.


The “example of quality education” is a topic that is hard to define. It can be anything from the education system in your country, to what you believe a quality education should look like.

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There are many characteristics of quality education. Some of these include a focus on the individual, student-centered learning, and teaching students to think critically.

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